Experience NZ: Waiheke’s Stonyridge Winery

Last blog I went on to explain, in general, what there was to do on Waiheke aside from going to the winery but lets not kid around, wines are the main attraction. The tour we went on was Taste of Waiheke which was a REALLY amazing tour (and very expensive – but definitely worth it). We got a dedicated driver who was super awesome at her job and catered to our ever need and explained everything about the island (including the local gossip).


The first stop was Stonyridge Winery where we were greeted promptly on decent from the bus with a glass of a cold white. Stonyridge isn’t known for its white wine so I’ll leave the name out.


As usual the décor was fantastic and the views, stunning.

One of the girls (she was from Canada!) walked us through their olive trees which they initially grew for aesthetics and to give it a Mediterranean feel but over time started pressing their own olive oil to compliment their wines.

She then walked us over to the vines which were “caged” off to protect the berries from birds. Neglecting to net off their vines or even doing it too late could result in their entire harvest being picked off in a matter of weeks.

You will also notice that each row has a rose plant planted at the front. She explained that roses are very sensitive to disease and if the rose plant begins to show signs of deterioration they will have time to make the necessary precautions to protect their vines. Very smart stuff!


Its not a wine tour if you don’t take the cliché wine on a barrel picture.

They let us try the red next, I believe it was the Larose which is their mid tier wine. It was a Bordeaux style red wine – Cab Sav dominant. It was quite a bold wine but very smooth. A glass of this will set you back 16 dollars, their most expensive vintage the Luna Negra goes for 18 a glass.



This is where they served us our light lunch as well. I was too hungry to take any pictures so you’ll need to just accept that it was really delicious and move on.

We got to walk around the vineyard on our own. It was really quite amazing and facing a Stonyridge (go figure).




That was it for this vineyard. It was beautiful as all of them are on the island. It was the start of our trip and we were excited to go on to the next stop which was an olive garden surprisingly. More on that next week!

What is the most beautiful winery you’ve been to? How does this stack up?

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