Experience NZ: Waiheke Vineyard Edition

Ok, your visual cue for the day: An Island of award winning vineyards.

Vineyards, Waiheke Island, Hauraki Gulf, near Auckland, New Zealand

Nicole and I recently went on a pretty amazing wine tour courtesy of Lucy Lu and Taz Yin. Shout Out. With that said we had already been on other wine tours and private adventures on Waiheke so I decided to make this into a series giving each vineyard the respect it deserved. We’ll get into those soon but first, a little about Waiheke.


Locals have touted about being able to get that “Island Feel” with just a hop on and off a ferry. The ferry ride itself is only 40 minutes and will put you under about $36 return. The differences between the city and the island are vast.

So where is Waiheke exactly?



There are around 30 wineries scattered across the island ranging from your small quaint vineyards to your high distributing luxurious ones. Each have their own style and personalities. Luckily the tour Nicole and I went on took us to the smaller wineries which we haven’t been to.


If vineyards don’t float your boat there are various nature walks, beaches, restaurants and bird watching opportunities to tickle everybody’s fancy.

Getting there and around

Like I said above, you can take a 40 min ferry ride over. Currently, only Fullers operates ferries to and from Waiheke. If you’re after Devonport, Fullers takes you there as well. If you are a tourist, make sure you buy your tickets ahead of time (at least hour before if possible) and make sure you line up at least 30-40 min before during high season or you’ll end up taking the later ferry.


Be prepared like these two happy individuals.

If you have an AT Hop card you don’t need to buy a ticket just line up for the ferry and tag on with one of the machines. The attendant scanning tickets will show you where.

If you’re looking to drive around town you should book a car in advance. There are only a handful of venders so book early. We used this company before. They do require a credit card to put down a deposit on the car in case you wreck it. There are also scooter options and bicycles.

There is also public transportation available on the Island which take the AT Hop card. If you don’t have one of these cards they do take cash, bring spare change. Another option is doing the off and on buses but they aren’t worth it. They come just as frequently as the public busses and are so much pricier – they are good if you plan on hopping on and off quite a few times. I’ll leave you guys to do the math.

I’ll end things here to add to the anticipation of my upcoming entries. What I will leave you with are 3 things you need to do on Waiheke.

  1. Visit at least all the wineries
  2. Go on a hike around the coast and around the rolling hills at the “bottom end” of Waiheke
  3. Try Waiheke Oysters – You can try these at the Oyster Inn (Where we’re getting married!) or visit the actual Oyster Farm

Up next Stonyridge Winery!

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