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Is Property Investment Suicide: Part 2

“Time is the friend of the wonderful company, the enemy of the mediocre. – Warren Buffet I recently had a conversation with a friend about their investment property. It was the usual exchange up until we started talking about capital gains. “Jim just used his $200k property gain to buy himself a new boat!” I heard him exclaim.… Continue reading Is Property Investment Suicide: Part 2


Is Property Investment Suicide? Part 1

We’ve all seen the affects real estate has had on our respective economy. With Western economies becoming increasingly reliant on real estate, its becoming all too true that the only thing left of value in this western world is the land that we own. I recently revisited the idea of buying into real estate after… Continue reading Is Property Investment Suicide? Part 1

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Experience NZ: Waiheke’s Stonyridge Winery

Last blog I went on to explain, in general, what there was to do on Waiheke aside from going to the winery but lets not kid around, wines are the main attraction. The tour we went on was Taste of Waiheke which was a REALLY amazing tour (and very expensive – but definitely worth it). We… Continue reading Experience NZ: Waiheke’s Stonyridge Winery


Experience NZ: Pararaha Valley Tramp

Shout out to the Mauger Family for taking me on this epic tramp. Imagine you’re back in time before the time of British settlers. You’re an indigenous person maneuvering past trees, foliage and marsh; following the stream in hopes it will lead you to your next adventure. You traverse the dangerous foothills and fallen logs,… Continue reading Experience NZ: Pararaha Valley Tramp


Confessions: Millennials and Career Apathy

I’ve recently discovered that I was part of what people are calling the “millennial problem”. FYI: if you were born between 1982 – 2002 you are a millennial. Personally I hate being labelled (another millennial problem – God damn free thinking hipsters!) however, I have to admit that I do catch myself drinking the millennial cool aid… Continue reading Confessions: Millennials and Career Apathy


Experience NZ: What’s so great about glamping?

So in my last blog I wrote about Hokianga and the awesome sand dunes of Opononi/Omapere. In this blog ill give you a glimpse into what the heck glamping is and why its pretty much camping for the pampered. I’ll also share with you our experience of Bayle’s/Rapiro Beach as well as the great Kauri… Continue reading Experience NZ: What’s so great about glamping?